Android training at ECTI is updated to the latest OS, everytime. The current syllabus is covered using Android Marshmallow.

Android has become today's most popular mobile operating system. As it is open source technology, it is highly used in smart-phones and tablet computers by the device manufactures. Thus, there is a huge demand for Android programmers.

This course is very suitable for the candidates who are aspiring to become Android programmers. This course is also useful for the professionals who want to brush-up their basics.

Topics Covered in Android Training Session course:
  • Initially in our android training session, we will go through Introduction part of the Android. We will also go through overview and history of Android.

  • Android StackIn this topic, you will understand the various layers of the architecture of Android.

  • Overview of SDK Here you will learn about API libraries and Developer tools, required for building and testing applications.

  • 'Hello world' AppThis will be your first and simplest type of Android program in which you will just display the string "hello world".

  • User InterfaceIn this chapter, you will go through UI Components and UI Controls that help to build a GUI for app.

  • Building Blocks of AndroidHere you will learn about Activities, Services, Content providers and Broadcast receiver.

  • Multimedia in Android In this topic, you will learn about media codec, container and media formats supported by Android.

  • SQL Database Here you will learn queries and functionalities of SQL which are required in Android.

  • Basic Content Providers In this chapter, you will go through the working of content providers, API to retrieve data and API to insert, update & delete data.

  • Advance featuresIn this topic, you will go through custom content providers that handle inter-process communication.

  • Location services Here you will learn about Location Framework, Location Manager and Location Provider.

  • Next at our Android training classes in pune , we will go through Services, Broadcast Receivers, Intent filters and Networking in detail.

  • At last, we will end our Android training session with a detailed study on WiFi, Telephony, Camera and Bluetooth.

  • Introduction to Android Nougat

Pre-requisites to have Android training:

We expect you to have knowledge of Core Java before enrolling for Android training classes. (Student / Professionals).

We provide you a Android training certification of our Envision Computer and Android Training Institute (ECTI) after your successful completion of the course, and also help you to prepare for authorized certifications. text-justify

For job oriented course, please visit the Diploma in Mobile Apps Development page.

Course Duration: 78 hrs.

Course Snapshot

Admissions now open at Bibvewadi , Nal Stop and Kharadi Branch


3 Months, 6th July - 6th September

300+ Students Completed

Skill Level

Beginner to Expert


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