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3D Studio Max Training

What is 3D Studio Max?

3D Studio Max is the software used for Architectural and Interior Visualization. It helps you to create 3D Designs of Architectural Structures.

This course is very much beneficial to candidates aspiring to become interior designers and architects. It is also useful to the professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge. There are many 3D Studio Max training institutes in Pune but we train in a better way. We see to it that the theory and practical sessions go alternatively and effectively. In this manner, every concept gets simplified and is explained with adequate details in our 3D Studio Max training sessions.


AutoCAD Electrical Training Details and Curriculum

Topics covered in our 3D Studio Max course:

Week 1
Introduction to 3D Environment, Solid modeling concepts, Parametric Modeling, Modeling with modifiers, Modeling with 2D Shapes and Boolean Objects.

(In each week, you will work on an assignment. At the end of your 3D Studio Max course, you will be assigned a Project.)

Week 2
Loft Objects, Mesh and Patch Modeling concepts, Materials and Maps, Map Channels, Real World Material Properties, Light, Adjusting Materials for Lights, Advance Lighting for more realistic effect and Day lighting.

Week 3
Night lighting, Neon glow effect, Photometric Light Concepts, Understanding Radiocity Principle, Shadow concepts, Adjusting Shadows with Advance Shadow and Ambient Light Algorithms.

Week 4
Camera, Animating Camera, Object Animation Concepts, Linking objects, Environment effects like Fog, Volumetric Light, Special effects like Glow, LanceFlair, Skylight, Controlling Animation using Track view and Curve Editor.

Week 5
Understanding Object and Scene Hierarchy, Adding sound, Rendering Concepts, Handling different file formats, Using different Codacs, Video-Post Concepts and Rendering with Video Post.

Week 6
Rendering stills and Animations, Mental Ray, AutoCAD interface, Importing plans from AutoCAD, Adjusting the units and Creating 3D objects using AutoCAD Plan.

*** The topics mentioned above are just the short outline of the syllabus. If you feel to talk to us, you can always call us.

We provide you a 3D Studio Max certification of Envision Computer Training Institute (ECTI) after your successful completion of the course, and also help you to prepare for authorized certifications.

Pre-requisites to enroll for the 3D Studio Max course:

This course doesn't require any basic knowledge. We just expect you to have a creative mindset.

Course Outcome

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